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Unlike other courses that claim to be online...  Our instant online course is available to use immediately upon payment.  Our program consists of six chapters, six interactive knowledge reviews and an interactive eighty five question practice final exam.  After you complete each knowledge review and exam, any wrong answers will be explained to you.  There are several hours of material; however the average student may complete the program in just a few hours.  You do not need to complete the program all at once unless you wish to.  You may login as many times as you wish to complete the program.  With our instant online course there is NO need to wait for a CD and complicated instructions to arrive in the mail before use. Demand the best...  Demand NationalFoodManager.com

Many States now require Food Manager Training and Certification. Our Food Safety Manager Certification Program is regularly used by California, Georgia and Arizona Professional Food Managers. No matter what State you are in, from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Michigan and Texas our Food Manager Certification is approved in your State! We feel it is the easiest to use and the most cost effective Food Safety Manager Training and Certification program available.

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     *Food Safety Certifications, LLC guarantees your ability to find a center within 95 miles of your registered location or we refund 100% of your money! Keep the online training course, book and practice exam as our gift. For Clients whom purchased an applicable "USA 2nd EXAM FREE" - To claim a refund for exam failure you must provide a failure notice and exam receipt, within sixty days of purchasing.  Exam receipt and failure notice must be from Prometric or Servsafe or NRFSP the NRFSP National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. To claim a refund for regulating authority failure you must provide information from your regulating authority, within sixty days of purchase that clearly states which Food Manager Exams are accepted. NRFSP® is a registered trademark of the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. Prometric® is a registered trademark of Thomson-Prometric. ServSafe® is a registered trademark of the National Restaurant Association. Other than administering the NRFSP® food manager examination and providing our exclusive proprietary food manager training programs, to prepare candidates to pass any ANSI approved nationally accepted food manager exam, Food Safety Certifications, LLC their management, subordinates, employees, representatives, administrators, associates, operators, technical support specialists, attorneys, board members and/or their website NationalFoodManager.com is in no way affiliated with prometric®, servsafe®, and/or NRFSP® (national registry of food safety professionals). Most long time food service workers will be accustomed to believing that Servsafe® is the only accepted exam. Fortunately, this simply is not true. For most clients, Servsafe® is the most recognizable of the three, however ALL THREE EXAMS ARE EQUALLY ACCEPTED BY All 50 STATES' REGULATING AUTHORITIES.

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